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How To Pick The Best Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Mon 1 Oct 2012

Read the pamphlet text below or click here to download a PDF of this 3-fold pamphlet.   For picking prostate cancer treatment, the most important consideration is quality-of-life. Long term survival is the norm so lingering side effects from treatment are a leading concern. Treatment selection starts by segregating men into Low, Intermediate or High-RiskRead More ›

Understanding Your Biopsy Results

Sun 1 Jul 2012

Download – The Biopsy Pathology Report The Pathology Report from a biopsy (often labeled “surgical pathology report”) relays critical information about the biologic expression of the tumor. When tissue is removed from your body, it is sent to a pathologist, who examines it under a microscope and prepares a formal written report. You should requestRead More ›

Active Surveillance For Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer: What Are The Results, and How Safe Is It?

Wed 1 Nov 2006

Dr. Laurence Klotz, Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto and Chief, Division of Urology, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario   Introduction Prostate cancer (PC) screening based on prostate biopsy for men with levels of serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) above an empirical level, or abnormal digital rectal examination (DRE), results in diagnosingRead More ›

Radical Prostatectomy – 2003: Commentary from an Experienced Urologist

Sat 1 Feb 2003

Stanley A. Brosman, M.D., Pacific Urology Institute Reprinted from PCRI Insights February 2003 vol. 6, no. 1 HISTORY As shown in Table 1 (below), prostatectomies have been performed for more than a century. In 1891, in Tucson, Arizona, a frontier doctor named George Goodfellow performed the first known prostatectomy, using the perineal approach. Although heRead More ›