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Testosterone Inactivating Pharmaceuticals

Tue 30 Nov 2010

By Mark Scholz, M.D., Prostate Oncology Specialists Edited from PCRI Insights November, 2010 v 13.4 For print friendly version, download the PDF for this article Prostate cancer needs testosterone to survive. Blocking testosterone is proven to prolong life in randomized prospective trials. Testosterone Inactivating Pharmaceuticals (TIP), otherwise known as androgen deprivation or hormone blockade, areRead More ›

Immune Treatment for PSA-Relapsed Prostate Cancer

Fri 1 Oct 2010

By: Mark Scholz, M.D. Prostate Oncology Specialists October 2010 PSA-Relapsed prostate cancer can be effectively controlled with Testosterone Inactivating Pharmaceuticals (TIP). When TIP is started soon after relapse, remissions last an average of 11 years. However, TIP has notable side effects such as low libido, hot flashes, osteoporosis, muscle wasting and weight gain. Quality-of-life isRead More ›

Preventing and Treating the Side Effects of Testosterone Deprivation Therapy in Men with Prostate Cancer A Guide for Patients and Physicians

Thu 1 Nov 2007

By Brad Guess PA-C Former PCRI Executive Director Edited from PCRI Insights November, 2007 vol. 10, no.4 In the early 1940s, Drs. Huggins and Hodges discovered that when testosterone was removed by castration, men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer went into remission for 2-3 years.1 They found that prostate cancer was “sensitive” to testosterone; prostateRead More ›

Adjuvant Androgen Withdrawal

Thu 1 May 2003

Reprinted from PCRI Insights May 2003 v 6.2 By Glenn Tisman, M.D., Dr. Glenn Tisman Medical Corporation Introduction Early use of hormonal ablation in prostate cancer therapy is a controversial issue in the urological community. This controversy catches many newly diagnosed patients by surprise. Patients often think of medicine as black and white. Disease ARead More ›

Bone Integrity Affects the Natural History of Prostate Cancer

Fri 1 Jan 1999

By Stephen B. Strum, M.D. Reprinted from PCRI Insights January, 1999 vol. 2, no. 1 Much of this issue of Insights is devoted to an in-depth discussion of bone integrity. Why so much emphasis on bone? Every so often I come across a topic in PC that rivets my attention. Bone integrity and the factorsRead More ›