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After Androgen Deprivation

Wed 31 Aug 2011

 Introduction Androgen Deprivation (ADT) can be an effective treatment for controlling prostate cancer for many years in most men. When ADT is no longer effective, you may be told that your cancer is “androgen-independent”, “hormone-resistant”, “hormone-refractory” or “castrate-resistant”. The terms all have similar meaning. For consistency, we will refer to CRPC. The nadir PSA isRead More ›

Immunotherapy And Advanced Prostate Cancer

Thu 28 Feb 2008

  By William Cavanagh, Bostwick Therapeutics, a Division of Bostwick Laboratories Edited from PCRI Insights February, 2008 v 11.1 (Image extracted from Figure 4) Recent years have seen numerous studies undertaken where the immune system of a cancer patient has been manipulated in an attempt to cause it to “attack” cancers that have grown uncontrollable.Read More ›