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Harry Pinchot Award

Wed 1 Sep 2010

For Dedication and Support to the Prostate Cancer Community Harry Pinchot was widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable laymen for his understanding of the biology, prevention, and treatment of prostate cancer. He positively impacted the lives of countless men (and their loved ones) afflicted by prostate cancer through his efforts at the ProstateRead More ›

The Clinical Stage: Its Definition and Importance in Prostate Cancer

Sat 1 Apr 2000

By Harry Pinchot (PCRI Helpline Staff Member) and Stephen B. Strum, MD Reprinted from PCRI Insights April 2000 v3.1 Clinical staging (CS) is extremely important in the evaluation and management of the prostate cancer (PC) patient. The CS is an expression of both tumor volume and the extent of disease (EOD). It is, therefore, partRead More ›