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The Abscopal Effect and the Prospect of Using Cancer Against Itself

Sat 21 Feb 2009

  By William Cavanagh, Prostate Cancer Research Institute Edited from PCRI Insights February, 2009 v 12.1   As discussed in the February 2008 issue of Insights, several clinical investigations are ongoing in the field of cancer (including prostate cancer) treatment. These investigations seek to mobilize the immune system and its highly specific destructive capability inRead More ›

Immunotherapy And Advanced Prostate Cancer

Thu 28 Feb 2008

  By William Cavanagh, Bostwick Therapeutics, a Division of Bostwick Laboratories Edited from PCRI Insights February, 2008 v 11.1 (Image extracted from Figure 4) Recent years have seen numerous studies undertaken where the immune system of a cancer patient has been manipulated in an attempt to cause it to “attack” cancers that have grown uncontrollable.Read More ›