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PCRI Helpline

800-641-PCRI or 310-743-2110

The Prostate Cancer Research Institute maintains a knowledgeable helpline staff, all of whom have received training from the PCRI Co-founders and world-famous prostate cancer oncologists, Drs. Stephen Strum and Mark Scholz. Moreover, this experienced staff can draw upon the expertise of PCRI’s Medical Advisory Board for medical information.  The Helpline staff’s purpose is to help the patient understand his diagnosis and his treatment options.  This is done using materials from the PCRI archives and by searching for appropriate peer-reviewed medical literature.  The PCRI Helpline Facilitators do not provide medical advice. Instead, their goal is to help the patient gain knowledge to promote a better communication with his medical providers in the hopes of obtaining the best possible outcomes.

To assist the staff in answering questions, we suggest that callers provide some background information such as:

1. Patient’s Date of Diagnosis
2. PSA at time of Diagnosis
3. Gleason Score at Diagnosis
4. Prior and current Treatments
5. Current PSA
6. Patient’s location (US state or country)
When sending your initial inquiry by email, please do not send attachments.

The Helpline staff consists of:

Jan Manarite – Jan is the wife of a prostate cancer patient. She joined PCRI in October 2001 and works handling Helpline calls, e-mails and speaking publicly. Jan and Dominic’s story of empowerment has caught the attention of local newspapers, magazines, and TV stations. Her passion is to spread education about important PC issues throughout her neighborhood of Lee County. Jan can be reached in Sanibel, Florida at 800-641-PCRI or More about Jan.

Silvia Cooper – Silvia is the daughter of a prostate cancer patient. She has been navigating the prostate cancer “terrain” and advocating for her father since his initial diagnosis in 2000. Ms. Cooper joined PCRI in November 2011, and is the newest member of the PCRI team. She works part-time in the Los Angeles office, responding to Help Line calls and e-mails. She can be reached at Becker – Ferd Becker is an Active Surveillance patient who has worked with both Dr Stephen Strum and Dr Charles “Snuffy” Myers. He has a long family history of prostate cancer and became very educated about prevention, prostate MRI, color Doppler, and many other issues. Ferd is a semi-retired facial plastic surgeon from Florida, and can be reached at
David Derris – David was treated for prostate cancer in 1996 after being mis-diagnosed with the disease. His experience has motivated him to become a student of prostate cancer, and an advocate, educating men to become empowered to face the many challenges presented by a prostate cancer diagnosis. He has worked with the Maui Unit of the ACS, Maui and Oahu UsTOO Patient Support Groups, the Hawaii Prostate Cancer Coalition, and in 2004 with Harry Pinchot, Jan Manarite and Jim O’Hara at the PCRI. After completing the PCRI Mentoring Program in August of 2012, David was invited to rejoin the PCRI Helpline team. He lives in Honolulu. He can be reached at

PCRI Helpline

800-641-PCRI or 310-743-2110




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