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The allocation of PCRI research dollars is managed by a distinguished board of physicians representing all the major disciplines involved in prostate cancer care. All serve as volunteers without any financial compensation from the PCRI.

Research Board Members * Specialty * Title

  • Duke Bahn, MD * Radiology * Medical Director, Prostate Institute of America
  • Stanley Brosman, MD * Urology * Professor of Urology, UCLA
  • Arthur Lurvey, MD * Endocrinology * Chief Medical Officer, Medicare
  • Mark Scholz, MD * Medical Oncology * Executive Director, PCRI
  • Michael Steinberg, MD * Radiation Therapy * Department Chief, UCLA

In addition to their extensive research experience, all the doctors participate in day to day clinical care of men with prostate cancer which provides a practical clinical perspective for evaluating the value of research proposals.

In 2010, the PCRI supported new, potentially breakthrough work with four organizations:

  • Mayo Clinic: Research into new methods to induce the patient’s immune system to attack cancer.
  • University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Research to improve MRI imaging (to detect early cancer spread).
  • University of Toronto: Ongoing research into Active Surveillance for men with early stage disease. Clinical research is an important component in the fight against prostate cancer.
  • John Wayne Cancer Institute: Research developing and validating molecular/genetic biomarkers for solid tumors for diagnosis, prognosis, and chemoprevention.
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation: A grant was presented to Jonathan Simons, MD at the 2010 Prostate Cancer Conference. Dr. Simons said it will be used to support prostate cancer “DNA Signature” testing at the University of Michigan to identify which varieties are dangerous.

The PCRI has been involved in major clinical research studies that have helped improve the quality and length of life for men with prostate cancer, and we are proud of the important findings that have come from these studies.