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PCRI Weekly is an e-newsletter brought to you by the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, publisher of Insights magazine. Every week, PCRI selects an important study relevant to prostate cancer research and summarizes the results, with an easy-to-understand “takeaway message” written by Dr. Mark Scholz for men with prostate cancer. Although the focus of this newsletter is on medical news, PCRI plans to publish occasional feature and human-interest stories as well.


Insights is a free educational periodical written to inform you of essential concepts in prostate cancer. In addition to presenting new data and developments, Insights reviews information of landmark importance. All medical articles are fully referenced, and citations are provided for you to investigate further. Click the Logo for an archive of Insights articles.

The first issue of Insights was published in October of 1998. In this and subsequent issues new developments in the evaluation and treatment of prostate cancer have been introduced with highly focused reviews and outstanding graphics. Insights is being sent to more than 20,000 individuals, including prostate cancer patients, their families and friends. In addition, interested urologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists who are members of the American Urologic Association, the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncologists, respectively, receive Insights on a complimentary basis. Insights subscribers are located in the United States, Canada and many countries around the world.