In Memory of Harry Pinchot

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July 1940 -
January 2008

I asked God, “How much time do I have
before I die?”
God replied, “Enough to make a difference.”…Anonymous


Harry Pinchot started the PCRI Helpline as our first employee in 1997 and served as our Program Director until his death.

The following are excerpts from “A Tribute to Harry”

Harry Pinchot was widely recognized as perhaps the most knowledgeable layman concerning prostate cancer – its biology, its prevention, and its treatment. While this was a remarkable achievement, it was, in a sense, inevitable, because Harry had a passionate belief in the importance of education and the application of continuing education to practical realities. In his case, this became prostate cancer…

In 1995, Harry was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The diagnosis did not seem life-threatening at first. His PSA was relatively high, but a biopsy did not reveal any cancer. Five months later, however, his PSA had risen to 33, and the diagnosis had changed to “metastatic prostate cancer.” He was given 12-18 months to live. Harry refused to accept that sentence. Instead, he embarked on a self-education program so focused and extensive that it not only extended his life by more than ten years, but also resulted in a program that has helped literally thousands of men stricken with prostate cancer…

In early 1997, he learned that a new nationwide organization, the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), was being formed by Drs. Stephen Strum and Mark Scholz, oncologists specializing in prostate cancer. Dr. Strum immediately saw the wealth of information and determination that resided in Harry, and he hired him as the first employee of the fledgling PCRI.

Harry plunged right into this exciting new job, and became its program director. In this capacity, he developed a program to effectively disseminate basic and developing information concerning prostate cancer and its treatment to prostate cancer patients, their families, and their health caregivers worldwide. While organizing this program, he personally manned the phones, speaking directly to these people, supplying them with information, and answering their questions. He soon became widely known as “Helpline Harry.”

In “A Letter to His Friends” published in the November 2007 Insights, Harry said:

“I know I have talked to many of you on our Helpline, in person at support group meetings, or from the podium or directly at one of our conferences. As fellow fighters in the battle against prostate cancer, every one of you that I have talked with about this disease has become very important to me personally as well as professionally. Now I’d like to take this opportunity to talk to you about the institution that I have devoted my life to for the past ten years – the PCRI. I hope it is important to you as well, and that you will join me in supporting this unique institution.”

“I know that you have helped to provide the lifeblood of the PCRI. And now I must appeal to you once more. Will you support the PCRI and its work with whatever donation you can afford? Not only will my colleagues and I be most indebted to you, but so will all those men who will benefit from the services we will be able to continue to give them.”

Read “A Tribute to Harry”


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