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JP (Jackson-Pratt) drain: a suction drain inside the body and connected to clear plastic tubing through the skin

Kaplan-Meier method: a statistical method that produces a graph showing the percent of a patient population surviving at various intervals of time after the start of the study or treatment

Karnofsky Performance Status: index that allows cancer patients to be classified using a standard way of measuring the ability to perform ordinary tasks. See also: ECOG Performance Status

Kegel exercises: a set of exercises designed to improve the strength of the muscles used in urinating

keratin: any of various sulfur containing fibrous proteins that form the chemical basis of horny epidermal tissues (as hair and nails) and are typically not digested by enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract

ketoconazole: see Nizoral®

kidney: one of a pair of organs whose primary function is to filter the fluids passing through the body

killer cells: white blood cells that attack tumor cells and body cells that have been invaded by foreign substances

kinase: an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of a pro-enzyme to an active enzyme

kinetics: the study of acceleration, motion or rate of change