Glossary of Prostate Cancer Related Terms

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Glossary of Prostate Cancer Related Terms

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The PCRI Glossary: A Tool for Learning About PC

The Glossary has been an enhancement tool for many readers, allowing them to navigate through a maze of new medical terminology. The online Glossary contains many updates from the version published in the August, 2001 issue of Insights.

It also has a feature that many of you will find helpful; it is called the "hyperlink". This will allow you to rapidly move from one definition of a word to another if a hyperlink has been created. You can discern this by moving your computer cursor over an underlined word (usually in blue) and seeing a hand appear. If this occurs and you wish to jump to the linked word just click your left mouse button.

We hope that expanding your medical vocabulary will make you feel comfortable when communicating with your medical providers, attending medical meetings and reading material within the PCRI Web site. Knowledge is power and your empowerment will allow you to evolve to a higher level. We invite you to suggest additions or corrections to the Glossary by e-mailing the PCRI at words or terms that you feel should be included in the ongoing revision of the PCRI Glossary.

To Download the Glossary February 2007 PDF, click the link or button Dornload Insights Glossary