Glen Tisman, MD: Nomograms – Predicting Success of Brachytherapy

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Nomogram 6
Predicting Success of Brachytherapy

Kevin Slawin from Baylor College of Medicine collaborated with Michael Kattan and Christopher DiBlasio6 to develop Nomogram 6, which predicts the success of brachytherapy (seeds) for treating prostate cancer patients. This tool predicts the possibility of successful treatment for the patient based on factors such as PSA levels, clinical stage of disease, and biopsy results.

Clinical scenario 6: Using Nomogram 6, if a patient has a T2a tumor (12 points), a pretreatment PSA of 6 ng/ml (45 points), a Gleason score of 6 (25 points), and is not to have the co-administration of external beam radiation therapy (10 points), his total points will be 92.Thus he would have a five-year relapse-free survival after brachytherapy of approximately 87%.

6. Slawin KM, DiBlasio CJ, Kattan MW: Minimally invasive therapy for prostate cancer: Use Nomograms to counsel about the choice and outcome of therapy. Reviews in Urology, Vol 6 SUPPL. 4, S3-8, 2004.

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