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Annual Conference: Every September, we bring world-renowned authorities together to teach you your options. We even let you corner them in workshops! If you missed it, signup for next year and order this year’s DVD.

Annual Conference Sponsors: If you want to sponsor and/or partner with PCRI to fund this conference, please contact Silvia Cooper at scooper@pcri.org or phone her at: 310-743-2116

Helpline: Our Helpline facilitators are here to personally help you understand your options and choose wisely. Call the Helpline at: 1-800-641-7274.

Mentoring Programs: Whether it’s your family, friends or support group, we will raise you and those supporting you to an empowering level with our courses.

PCRI Insights Magazine: Our quarterly newsletter shares state-of-the-art prostate cancer fighting information. To receive it by email insert your email address in the form thats in the side bar on the right hand side. To have it sent by UPS please contact us by email with your name and shipping address at info@pcri.org.

PCRI Weekly News: This e-mail newsletter keeps you going with practical information to prevent, detect, and treat prostate cancer.

Multimedia Teaching Aides: For our partners, we have collected articles, PowerPoint slides and educational videos from our top-level faculty to teach you.

PCRI Guidance (PCRI Papers): We have collected important summary articles to help you prevent, diagnose, and treat even advanced prostate cancer.

Shades of Blue: We teach you a simple method of classifying your prostate cancer stage. This helps you understand and communicate your needs and expectations to your physician.

Blue Community: Join our online forums to share your story and find support that is relevant to where you are at in the above shades of blue.

Clinical Trials: The PCRI Helpline and website will help you research clinical trials. Learn about the expanded access program that makes new drugs available to eligible patients before FDA approval.

Finding Expert Physicians: The PCRI Helpline and website will help you find top hospitals and physicians; many of our faculty welcome new patients.

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