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Blue Community

The Prostate Cancer Blue Community was launched in 2011 to promote a supportive environment for men with prostate cancer, their families and caregivers to talk with one another and share their experiences.

The Blue Community is comprised of several online forums where patients and advocates can join discussions according to their individual SHADE of prostate cancer. Men can also ask questions about various treatments and side effects, which are answered by PCRI Helpline staff.

PCRI hopes the Blue Community will serve as a place for men to talk with one another and facilitate education and empowerment in the prostate cancer community.


Phone: 800-641-PCRI or 310-743-2110


PCRI maintains a knowledgeable Helpline staff, whose purpose is to help the patient understand his diagnosis and treatment options. PCRI’s Helpline facilitators are Nathan Roundy, a prostate cancer survivor; Jan Manarite, the wife of a prostate cancer patient; and Silvia Cooper, the daughter of a prostate cancer patient.

Helpline facilitators provide callers with articles and other educational materials and peer-reviewed medical literature from the PCRI archives.

The PCRI Helpline facilitators do not provide medical advice. Rather, their goal is to help the patient gain knowledge to empower him and his caregivers, and to promote better communication with his medical providers in the hopes of obtaining the best possible outcomes.

Click here to read more about the Helpline.

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