Newly Diagnosed Checklist

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Prostate cancer behaves very differently from one man to the next. The individual risk factors and appropriate treatment options will be different. There are a series of steps that each newly diagnosed man should take to become empowered. This webpage is meant to provide an index to the various topics within the Decision Aide that a newly diagnosed man should consider.

  • Learn the basics of prostate cancer
  • Get copies of your medical records to find your risk factor clues
  • Understand your diagnosis
  • Seek additional testing if your diagnosis is unclear
  • Evaluate your risk in relation to your diagnosis, age and health status
  • Evaluate your treatment alternatives
  • Compare treatments for effectiveness and potential complications
  • Decide if and when treatment is in your best interest
  • Select an expert physician for treatment
  • Continually monitor your status and keep a chronological log of your treatments and test results

Page updated 8/1/11