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This first section of the PCRI Decision Aide is designed to lay the ground work for confronting the decisions you will face. We hope that these subsections will help you take charge of your strategy:

  • Medical Records – will aid you to gather your medical records which are the key to understanding your level of risk
  • Support Network – will help you build a team to support you during your education and treatment
  • Education Sources – will help you learn how to locate the information you need to make informed decisions.
  • Prostate Basics – will give you some basic information about the prostate and prostate cancer
  • Newly Diagnosed Checklist – will guide you through some topics within the Decision Aide that are most important when newly diagnosed
  • Clinical Trials – will help you understand what clinical trials are and how they might apply to you


Your health is your most important asset. When you are diagnosed with a serious illness like prostate cancer, it is paramount to understand your disease, prepare a strategy and identify the resources needed to attain your objectives. This will require a good deal of research and education to become your own advocate. It is important to establish a support network to assist with the information gathering and advocacy.

Page updated 8/1/11