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Prostate Cancer: Starting at the Very Beginning

Wed 14 Jan 2015

Prostate Cancer: Starting at the Very Beginning BY MARK SCHOLZ, MD Yesterday I sat down with a new patient, Sam, a charming man who, unfortunately, was just found to have a prostate nodule and a PSA of 50. When I asked Sam why he had not visited a doctor for over 10 years or undergone anyRead More ›

2013 Conference DVD's Large Crop

2013 Conference DVDs

Fri 24 Jan 2014

DVDs from the 2013 Prostate Cancer Conference are now available! This year’s conference DVDs are now available to PCRI supporters. With your donation of $150 or more, we will automatically send you the official multi-disc DVD set of The 2013 Prostate Cancer Conference. Click here to donate and receive your copy of the DVD.      Read More ›


The Prostate Cancer Screening Controversy

Thu 25 Jul 2013

By Mark Scholz, MD of Prostate Oncology Specialists The Challenge of Screening for Prostate Cancer Most elderly men already have prostate cancer—they just don’t know it.  And they might be better off remaining ignorant. Newly-diagnosed men are thrown into an eight-billion-per-year medical world that extols radical treatment. Over-treatment is so out-of-control a New England JournalRead More ›